VR Guest FAQs

FAQ1: I'm not a professional inspector, how can I use oVRview to look over a vacation rental property?

Answer: The owner doesn't expect a professional inspection. oVRview is a simple checklist to help you conduct a general overview of the VR property just as you might in your own home, noticing if a screen door is torn or door hinges are squeaky, etc. The VR owner agrees that the condition of his property is not your responsibility and has agreed to not blame you for anything missed. And if you're not sure of any item on the checklist, there is an "not sure" option to check.

FAQ2: What if I don't finish the oVRview in 15 minutes?

Answer: You will. The system is designed to stop at 15 minutes no matter how many items you checked. The next guest will pick up just where you left off so over after a few guests, the VR property will have been thoroughly inspected.

FAQ3: Why should I spend 15 minutes of my vacation time looking over the property owner's checklist?

Answer: Because you want to point out any damage or theft early to protect your refundable damage deposit and discover any housekeeping issues early so the property owner can respond quickly to resolve. And your participation helps the property owner ensure the highest quality vacation rental for your family vacation.

Some owners may offer incentives, too, such as early check in, small rate discounts, or a drawing of participants for a free or deeply discounted stay during off season.

FAQ4: Why should I do the oVRview within 24 hours of check in?

Answer: See FAQ3

FAQ5: What if I don't get to oVRview within 24 hours of check in?

Answer: Most travelers have no problem completing the oVRview within 24 hours of check in. However, most property owners would still rather have the review even if you don't get to it within the 24 hours.

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