VR Owner FAQs

FAQ1: Why would my guest spend their vacation time running the oVRview checklist for me, the property owner?


  • Most guests are willing to lend a helping hand when asked.
  • Many guests already conduct a walk-through, informally, to protect their refundable damage deposit.
  • It only takes 15 minutes and many guests will appreciate your dedication to providing a quality VR.
  • You could offer incentives such as early check in, small discounts, beach service, or offer to enter every guest who conducts the oVRview checklist into a drawing for a free 4-night stay in off season.
  • You can require the oVRview check in your rental agreement as a condition for renting your well-maintained "oVRview.com Property."
  • Family and friends who stay in your VR free are happy to run the oVRview checklist as a gesture of appreciation.

FAQ2: How can a guest look over my entire VR property in only 15 minutes?

Answer: No single guest can. Because each guest starts oVRview where the last guest left off, after a few guest rotations every item in your VR property will be thoroughly reviewed. Each guest does do the same walkthrough list, however, that you specify when you setup your property with oVRview.com.

FAQ3: How do I know my guest will go through the oVRview checklist honestly?

Answer: your guest has no motivation to lie about the condition of your VR property. If you didn't trust your guest to be honest, they wouldn't be staying in your home. Plus as a responsible and professional VR property owner, you have a reliable guest screening process.

FAQ4: How will a prospective guest know I'm using oVRview.com to help manage my VR property?

Answer: As a subscriber to oVRview.com, you'll receive the "an oVRview.com property" logo with web link that you may post on your online advertising listings. Travelers who click the link are given the benefits of staying in an oVRview.com property.