Self-manage and Save

With at just $59 per year and the cooperation of your well-screened guests you, too, can have continuous monitoring of your VR property without resorting to expensive professional property managers.  What's more, your VR property will be reviewed from the  savvy perspective of your guests, who have an eye for what is important in a high quality VR rental property.

With robust online advertising and booking sites, WiFi door locks, direct text to plumbers and maintenance professionals, and widely available inexpensive extended service warranties on appliances, self-managing your VR property is now easier than ever before.

So why do so many turn over the management of their VR property and thousands of dollars per year to professional property managers?   Because VR owners who reside hundreds or thousands of miles away from their VR property need continuous eyes on the ground to provide accurate assessment of its rental condition.   With you can now have virtual eyes on the ground for $59 per year.  Why give up 20% of your revenues and personal control of your VR property if you don't have to?  Try  You'll be glad you did.  

Eyes on the Ground Property Management