What Others Are Saying

Guest Testimonials:

 “I was thankful that the VR owner uses oVRview.com.  It gave me a piece of mind to know that I could easily and quickly go over the property and report any damage, so I wouldn’t be blamed for anything. It just took 15 minutes on my phone and was immediately sent to the owner.”    
         ~ Marsha M.  09/26/16

"I think this is such a great way to help out a VR owner!  For me, it was good to know - right away - the general layout and furnishings of the property.  For the owner, I'm sure it was so helpful to know that all was well with his property. It was so easy to do from my smart phone and only took about 15 minutes to complete.  I could tell that the owner took great care of his property, and I believe that's at least partly because of his use of oVRview.com and the help he gets from his guests like me."

          ~ Jenny Q.  09/05/16

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