About Us

Dear VR Property Owner,

oVRview.com was conceived when a VR guest patiently helped troubleshoot a failing ceiling fan, sending me smartphone pictures 600+ miles away, and then a subsequent VR guest happily looked over my VR property using a checklist I had written.

Leveraging the power of the internet and connected smartphones or tablet PCs, and the cooperation of trusted VR guests, oVRview.com was born as a continuous monitoring tool for VR owners who self-manage their properties, especially from afar.

With oVRview.com your VR property is thoroughly and continually monitored so that you can address deficiencies before they become inquiry-killing bad reviews.

It's simple, effective, and economical.

Check out the 3-minute "how it works" demo.

I hope oVRview.com will help you manage your VR property as effectively as I have managed mine.


Founder & CEO

oVRview.com, LLC

Eyes on the Ground Property Management